Hats And Royal Family I

In Europe and the United States, the tradition is still preserved that women have to wear a hat when they go to church. In Britain, the tradition has become a symbol of the country. The women in royal family insist on following this tradition, and their hats are also eye-catching and fabulous.

Why do British royals love hats so much?

Status Symbol

In Britain, hats are not only fashion accessories but also a symbol of identity, status, power and etiquette. In the United Kingdom in the last century, it was a must for women to wear hats, especially for a woman with high status. Not wearing a hat in public was considered impolite and inappropriate.

Hat is a language.

“Hat in hand or Take one’s hat off to (someone)” in English are the expressions of respect and admiration, which is related to hats. Men in Britain, who meet acquaintances on street, are required to take off their hats to show respect for others. Hats have been integrated in British culture and language and have been a symbol of respect.

A hat is used to hide hair.

In the United Kingdom in the 1950s, ladies were generally not allowed to show their hair on public occasions. They had to put their hair up and wear a hat. Therefore, the custom of wearing a hat in a grand and special occasion is passed to the current generation of British royal family today.

Because of the weather

The climate of England can be described as temperate maritime climate, because the Gulf Stream ensures mild, maritime influenced weather. England is well-known for its rain and the lush green of its countryside. Temperate winters and cool summers are typical, and extreme seasonal variations are rare. It may be sunny in the morning but it will become rainy at noon. Therefore, a beautiful and practical hat is so necessary for the British. Besides, it is well-known that the English go out with an umbrella or a raincoat.

An attitude towards fashion

There are a wide variety of top hats, so knowing how to pick and wear will definitely express your personal taste.

No hats worn indoors after 6pm.

According to the British tradition, ladies are not allowed to wear hats indoors after 6pm. If they have to attend indoor grand or formal activities, they must wear other headwear with cymatium or something else instead of a hat.

Affected by holidays

Different occasions need different hats with different colors and styles. In funerals, for example, people must wear black hats with simple designs paired with black cloth. On the Remembrance Day, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and the royal family members wore dark cloth and dark hats to mourn for the soldiers who died in the war.

The most beautiful, bold, and bonkers royal hats symbolize the royals’ status and attitude. You can also choose a hat to become fashionable. Hats are a great accessory for girls or boys. Only wearing a hat can make you absolutely different. You are able to choose a beret at berethat.co.uk. Wear a hat that is suitable for you and become stylish.

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